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Hunting Gloves and Mittens – Key Features to Consider

There are several key features to consider when choosing a pair of hunting gloves or mittens. These include insulation, waterproofing, dexterity, and grip.

Hunting Gloves

To determine your glove size, simply measure your dominant hand circumference just below the knuckles. Then, match that measurement to one of the models in our collection. Read on Turkey Call Box for more information.

If you want to protect your hands from the elements during cold weather hunting, the material used in the gloves is important. There are many options to choose from including leather, polyester, cotton and wool. Some materials offer superior comfort and warmth while others can provide more dexterity. Some also offer a variety of additional features that enhance functionality and safety.

Leather is a popular choice for cold weather hunting gloves. It is a durable and rugged material that offers a good grip on objects such as rifles, bows and tree limbs. It is also breathable and water resistant, making it ideal for use in cool weather conditions. Some leather gloves have an additional layer of insulation or reinforcement to ensure they remain warm and flexible.

Wool is another popular choice for winter hunting gloves because it keeps hands warm, comfortable and dry. It is a breathable and water resistant material that can be dyed to match your camo and is available in a variety of finger lengths and thicknesses. Many wool gloves also have a lanolin coating to keep them waterproof and a soft feel on the skin.

Polyester is a lightweight and durable material that can be woven with other materials to create different types of hunting gloves. It is breathable, water resistant and abrasion-resistant, and it can be dyed to match your camo. It is also a durable material that can be molded to fit the shape of your hand, and it is a good option for hunters who need flexibility and dexterity.

Lastly, cotton is an affordable and versatile material that can be woven with other materials such as nylon to create hunting gloves that are warm and durable. It is a breathable and water-resistant material that can be dyed to match your base layer or to provide an added level of camo coverage.

Other factors that influence the material of your hunting gloves include the time of year, the temperature and climate where you hunt, and the type of weapon you’re using. For example, during the early season and the pre-rut, temperatures can swing from warm to cold quickly, so a glove that is breathable and lightweight is a good option. During the rut and later in the season, a heavier glove is often needed that combats extreme cold.


The right pair of hunting gloves can help you maintain the dexterity needed to operate firearms and bows while providing the warmth required in colder conditions. There are many different designs available on the market, with each offering a unique combination of features and benefits. However, your choice of glove will be largely determined by how, when and where you hunt.

The type of leather used in the gloves is also important. Deerskin is a popular option because it is soft and flexible, which allows for excellent dexterity. It is also breathable, which keeps your hands dry even in damp conditions. Goatskin is another common choice for hunting gloves because it is tough and can withstand thorns or brambles without tearing. It is also breathable and offers good water resistance, although it does not retain heat as well as other types of leather.

Other materials, including polyester and GORE-TEX, are also used for hunting gloves. Polyester is a lightweight material that dries quickly and provides good insulation. It is also breathable and offers good sweat resistance, though it does not offer as much abrasion resistance as goatskin. GORE-TEX is a waterproof material that is suitable for extreme weather conditions, such as snowstorms. It is breathable and dries quickly, and it can be printed with all kinds of camo patterns.

Most hunters have slightly different tendencies when it comes to hunting, which can influence the type of glove they choose. For example, some prefer mittens over gloves for fingered or trigger fingers, while others are more comfortable using a glove with a palm stall that allows for better gripping of weapons and other equipment.

While it is possible to find gloves made from any of the above-mentioned materials, the best pair for your needs will be a hybrid design that combines several different types of materials. For example, the Attack Glove uses a smart blend of Pittards Almost Sticky Oiltac leather and Primeflex polyester for a grippy and durable combination that offers enough insulation for colder temperatures. It’s also perfect for active hunts, like upland bird hunting.

Overall Fit

The fit of a pair of gloves or mittens is crucial, not only to ensure comfort but also to offer protection from the elements. An ill-fitting pair will not provide adequate warmth or protection against cold weather conditions, so it’s important to measure the circumference of your hands and compare it to the glove/mitten size chart to ensure you’re purchasing the correct size.

The material used for a pair of hunting gloves or mittens is also crucial, as it determines their durability and performance. The most popular choice is leather, which offers superior dexterity and durability. Other popular choices include synthetic materials like Gore-Tex, which can be made in all kinds of camo patterns and offer a range of useful features, including waterproofness and breathability. Some hunters prefer composite gloves that use wool or other insulation inside with a layer of a more durable material on the outside, which can be particularly helpful when hunting in rough terrain where there are lots of twigs and thorns.

Other features to consider when choosing a pair of hunting gloves or mittens include cinchable wrist cuffs, which can help keep snow and cold air from blowing in, and fingertip reinforcements, which provide an extra layer of protection. Many pairs of gloves or mittens come with built-in touchscreen-compatible gloves for ease of use when you’re using your electronic devices in the field. In addition, a sure grip patch is a great feature to look for in a pair of hunting gloves or mittens, as it can ensure you have a firm hold on the rung of a tree stand or the trigger of your firearm.

Finally, it’s important to take proper care of a pair of hunting gloves or mittens, to ensure they last for years and continue to perform well. Regular cleaning with lukewarm water and mild soap is ideal, and it’s always best to follow the manufacturer’s recommended maintenance instructions. This will keep the gloves or mittens in top condition, which is especially important when they’re exposed to extreme temperatures. It’s also a good idea to store them in an area that’s dry and cool, as moisture can damage the fabric and leather of a pair of gloves or mittens.

Touchscreen Compatible

The modern world has become digital and touchscreen compatible gloves are in high demand. We answer our phones with touch screens, sign receipts on our iPads at the grocery store and even the youngest kindergarteners can use a touchscreen tablet to learn to read. So, when we hunt, it’s not just a question of keeping our hands warm, we also need to be able to operate electronic equipment with touch screens like GPS devices and our smartphones.

A pair of touchscreen hunting gloves can solve both problems by allowing us to operate our device while still maintaining the ability to keep our fingers warm and protected from elements outside. Most touchscreen glove options have conductive materials woven into or coated onto the fingertips and thumb to create a connection with the touchscreen. Some brands use copper yarn, while others may use aluminum or thermal paste. The conductive material works by transmitting the electrical current to the touchscreen just as it would a bare finger.

Some manufacturers offer an additional layer of protection by using a combination of thermal, breathable and waterproofing processes to create the best possible option for hunters. This allows you to have the warmth you need in cold conditions and also keeps perspiration from soaking through the exterior fabric of the glove and causing it to be heavy.

If you’re a hunter who plans to use the same pair of gloves for different seasons, look for a pair that can be used with a liner. This can make them more versatile and extend their lifespan.

Another factor to consider when selecting a pair of touchscreen compatible gloves is their durability and strength. You’ll want to be sure the gloves can hold up against rough terrain and the rigors of chores on the ranch, as well as being comfortable enough to use when stalking and pointing.

Lastly, be sure to choose a pair of gloves that are machine washable so they can be kept clean and in good condition for longer. Many of the materials and coatings in these gloves have a tendency to deteriorate over time, so it’s important to keep them looking good and working properly.